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Concierge a profession & Passion

Nearly all travellers are familiar with this situation: you arrive at a hotel in the evening having a schedule for the following days organised, but don't know what you can do that evening. The problem is solved if you are lucky enough to be staying in a hotel employing a concierge, a concierge who is ever friendly, conscientious and well informed and can provide you with the information you need.

No matter whether he is asked about a visit to the theatre, a bouquet of flowers, a baby sitter, a limousine, a good restaurant, or perhaps a bar that is currently "in", the concierge will have the answer. Not only will he be knowledgeable about his hotel, he will also know the city like the back of his hand and will be able to help with the most obscure of requests and perhaps even share a tip you.

He has everything it takes, he knows everything that needs to be known and he can find anything that needs to be found for the hotel guest
to feel welcome, comfortable and content. The success of the concierge is determined by his address book (nowadays his computer), his discretion and his empathy.

His Royal Highness the Margrave of Meiden Duke of Saxony said of the concierge:
"For as long as I am able to remember, and that will soon be three quarters of a century, the concierges of the great houses have made a great impression on me, early on by their ornamental appearance and then later by their facility of expression, their diplomatic dexterity and tact."

"In Service through friendship"

This is the slogan of the Union Internationale des Concierges de Clefs d'or.
In 2004, I became member of the Clefs d'Or Germany, since 2005, I am member of the
board at the section "Rhein-Main", the region of Frankfurt-Wiesbaden.

Since 2007, I am webmaster of the section Rhein-Main at www.hotelconcierge.de

Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy

in 2004, when I was still Concierge at the Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel,  the largest
5-star-hotel in Europe, I heard about the new project "Villa Kennedy", a five-star-superior hotel that was planned to open its doors in 2006. I frequently passed on Frankfurt's "Kennedyallee" and followed the construction of the most beautiful and
charming hotel Frankfurt had ever had.

My wish was TO WORK AT THE VILLA KENNEDY, and it came true.

Since the opening 2006, I am Concierge at the Villa Kennedy!